2016 december 10 - Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

After a long pause we did a private birthday party gig with completely new material - a slower take on the RTTRSPRT sound with new gear. Alongside us Daniel M Karlsson and Katt Hernandez did a duo piece.

2015 february 27 - Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

We played at the release party for "Fylkingens 80!" book. We played alongside Kajsa Sandström, Välfärdsorkestern and DJ Elena Wolay (Jazz är farligt). Johan Redin, Ida Lundén, Teddy Hultberg and Susanne Skog talks about the book.

2014 december 27 - Norbergfestival:Modul:Maskin, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

December 27th is the premiere of Norbergfestival’s new club concept :Modul:Maskin at Fylkingen in Stockholm. It is intended as a further development of the festival’s Really Open Stage scene where visitors are free to jam on our machines or bring their own. - Hardware + Visual Jam: Play on our gear or bring your own. - No admission!

Live performance:

2014 november 28 - Geiger Novfest, Atalante, Gothenburg, Sweden

Two day festival 27 and 28th of November, RTTRSPRT is playing friday 28th. More info

2014 november 26 - IDKA+Lamour, Skottes Musikteater/Spegeln, Gävle, Sweden

RTTRSPRT alongside Kathy Hinde, Guy Bartell and Sofia Härdig. More info

2014 october 14 - Club Lamour, Fylkingen, Stockholm, Sweden

RTTRSPRT live alongside Motormännen, SQ and Slim Vic. Admission: 100kr (Students: 80kr). More info

2014 september 20 - Kluster festival, Kulturens Hus, Luleå, Sweden

RTTRSPRT premiere! Ending a nice contemporary music festival. More info